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Rust Series (Announcement)

Rust Series (Announcement)

Learn rust with me from scratch

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Lokesh Kumar
·Feb 5, 2023·

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Table of contents

  • The objective of this series
  • But wait, Why does rust matter?
  • Prerequisites
  • Let's start the journey
  • How to reach me?

The objective of this series

I had dabbled in rust before but did not go very deep into it. Now, I will be "relearning" rust (in public) and sharing all the concepts and code that in the blog form here.

But wait, Why does rust matter?

These are a few reasons and there are a million more:

  1. Developers perspective:

    Rust is the most loved programming language according to the 2022 Stack Overflow developer survey (Emphasis on "the"). Developers love it.

  2. Rust is used in a lot of tools you use daily:

    Rust is not an alien language that just came up. It is being used in a lot of tech that we all are familiar with like Firefox browser, Dropbox, Figma, Cloudflare, Facebook, Discord, Amazon AWS, Google Chrome, and the list goes on. Rust is being adopted by all kinds of companies with each passing day.

  3. Rust is Open Source:

    If you are someone who likes Open Source Software and wants to give back to the community you love, rust is perfect for you.

  4. The Blockchain angle:

    Being a Blockchain Developer myself, I have seen rust in enough places now to realize its potential. For instance, The whole Parity ecosystem is powered by rust.


Knowledge in at least one programming language is required, however, no prior experience is required.

Let's start the journey

Be part of my journey of learning rust from the absolute beginning. We will be reading the rust book and trying out examples to strengthen our rust concepts. And doing deep dives into concepts from most important to advanced.

I will be pushing code to a GitHub repo for everything that I will share here, so feel free to refer to that. You can star/fork/watch it on GitHub.

The GitHub repo: https://github.com/codeTIT4N/rust-school

How to reach me?

If you want to ask anything from me you can drop me a mail, send me a text over telegram, or open an issue in the GitHub repo.

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